ALL access to the Dune, its reception area, the ocean beaches and the road to Biscarrosse are strictly prohibited and closed until further notice, due to huge fires in the area.
The firefighters and the police are fully mobilized towards the fire and the securing of the site. They have no time to waste evacuating people on the dune or on the beach.
Beyond safety, there is a major challenge for the future and the relocation of our activity on the Dune du Pilat.
We ask you not to fly in this area until further notice. If paragliders were observed practicing this would have unprecedent consequences.
The fires continue to burn to this day, although they are no longer progressing, they are not stopped. It will take weeks, probably months to make this site avaible to the public again.
Thank you for your understanding.



Group registration

Since October 2019, the FFVL has implemented the obligation for groups of pilots coming to Pyla Dune to register (Frenchs and foreigner groups).

Please find below the information about this new regulation : here.


Dear visitors,

Welcome to the wonderful paragliding site, the “Dune du Pyla”.

Here, you will learn what wagas mean, as well as soaring along the beautiful and marvelous sand coast, for long hours.

But don’t forget we need your help to maintain this site, accessible and enjoyable for all paragliders.

You will find below the few rules, to keep in mind when flying in this special place : “the sand dune is fragile, please respect it”

Thank you for visiting us, and we wish you a pleasant flight !

The paragliding club of Pyla Dune


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Site regulations

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The site is classified in a protected natural area: its balance is weak.

Please, respect fellow paragliders, and fellow dune users, as well as the natural wildlife (oyats, panels, barriers, …)

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